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Welcome to the KYWG Members page. These pages are continuously being edited with new and pertinent content to help you perform the missions of our organization.



Executive Staff

  • Chief of Staff, Assistant - LtCol Thomas Schmitt
  • Advisor to the Commander - Col Michael A. Cooper

Commander's Staff

  • Assistant Government Relations Advisor - Lt Col Don Morgan
  • Assistant Government Relations Advisor - Lt Col Phillips Meador


KY Wing Commanders

  • Dec 1941 - Mar 1942 Col A. H. Near
  • Mar 1942 - Sep 1942 Col Carl W. Ulrich
  • Sep 1942 - Jun 1943 Col Charles H. Gartrell
  • Jun 1943 - Jun 1943 Col Howard B. Brown, Jr.
  • Jun 1943 - Mar 1946 Col William S. Rinehart
  • Mar 1946 - Jul 1949 Col Charles E. Hall
  • Jul 1949 - Sep 1953 Col John B. Wathen, III
  • Sep 1953 - May 1957 Col Francis A. Blevins
  • May 1957 - Feb 1958 Col Houston H. Doyle
  • Feb 1958 - Mar 1959 Col Carlos O. Puckett
  • Mar 1959 - Feb 1961 Col James A. Denham
  • Feb 1961 - Oct 1965 Col Francis A. Blevins
  • Oct 1965 - Dec 1969 Col George B. Carter
  • Dec 1969 - Apr 1971 Col Richard R. Dooley
  • Apr 1971 - Sep 1972 Col Charles E. Lynn, Jr.
  • Sep 1972 - Feb 1976 Col John F. Price
  • Feb 1976 - Oct 1977 Col William R. Ritter
  • Oct 1977 - Nov 1980 Col Herman H. Bishop
  • Nov 1980 - May 1982 Col Nathaniel L. Tucker
  • May 1982 - Nov 1986 Col George M. Hudson
  • Nov 1986 - Mar 1991 Col William K. Hughes
  • Mar 1991 - Aug 1994 Col Denzil Allen
  • Aug 1994 - Dec 1997 Col Douglas N. Huff
  • Dec 1997 - Nov 1998 Col Jimmie D. Cantrell
  • Nov 1998 - Jun 1999 Col Michael A. Cooper
  • Jun 1999 - Jul 2000 Col John F. Price
  • Jul 2000 - Mar 2004 Col Loretta L. Holbrook
  • Mar 2004 - Mar 2009 Col Henry L. Heaberlin
  • Mar 2009 - Mar 2013 Col Robert J. Koob
  • Mar 2013 - Mar 2016 Col James F. Huggins
  • Mar 2016 - Feb 2017 Col David A. Kantor
  • Feb 2017 - present Col Darrel D. Williamson

KY Wing Spaatz Cadets

Award Number / Name / Date

  • 120 James S. Rowan 7-Aug-70
  • 123 Charles M. Stinger 10-Sep-70
  • 500 Kenneth S. Bitsky 18-Jan-79
  • 542 Steven D. Bolin 23-Apr-80
  • 630 Michael A. Cooper 28-Feb-83
  • 762 Andrew A. Kooshian 24-Jul-85
  • 828 Daniel E. Davis 20-Jan-87
  • 829 Thad A. Davis 20-Jan-87
  • 1111 Paul J. Kremer 15-Apr-92
  • 1197 Todd C. Domeck 9-Dec-93
  • 1312 Joseph P. Davis 16-Nov-96
  • 1364 Morgan T. Osterloh 20-Apr-98
  • 1405 Emma C. Tucker 14-Jul-99
  • 1503 Joseph M. Williams 2-Jun-03
  • 1632 A. James Krystaponis 26-Apr-07
  • 1984 Ryan D. Dickerson 29-Dec-14
  • 2032 Justin M. Kantor 15-Mar-16
  • 2101 Jonathan F. Jones 16-Apr-17
  • 2175 Christopher S. Russell 24-May-18
  • 2201 Ryan M. Hebert 12-Aug-18
  • 2272 Isaac J. Dowell 19-Jan-20


Coming soon.


KYWG Group and Squadrons

KYWG School Group -KY-501

GROUP 2 -KY-502

  • KY-502 -Group II HQ
  • KY-011 -Paducah Cadet Squadron
  • KY-057 -Bowling Green Senior Flight
  • KY-216 -Fort Campbell Composite Squadron
  • KY-223 -Owensboro Composite Squadron
  • KY-226 -Kentucky Lakes Cadet Flight
  • KY-300 -Southern Kentucky Cadet Squadron

GROUP 3 -KY-503

  • KY-503 -Group III HQ
  • KY-039 -Louisville Composite Squadron
  • KY-123 -KYANG Composite Squadron
  • KY-131 -Heartland Composite Squadron
  • KY-214 -Bowman Field Senior Squadron

GROUP 4 -KY-504

  • KY-504 -Group IV HQ
  • KY-050 -Boone County Cadet Squadron
  • KY-073 -73rd Senior Squadron
  • KY-058 -Frankfort Composite Squadron
  • KY-224 -Owen County Cadet Squadron
  • KY-225 -Elkhorn Cadet Squadron

GROUP 5 -KY-505

  • KY-505 -Group V HQ
  • KY-122 -Stuart Powell Cadet Squadron
  • KY-221 -Bluegrass Senior Squadron
  • KY-222 -Van Meter Cadet Squadron
  • KY-357 -Lake Cumberland Cadet Squadron


  • KY-000 -Kentucky Wing Reserve Squadron
  • KY-999 -Kentucky State Legislative Squadron


Wing Supplements

Wing Pamphlets

Wing Forms

KYWG Administration Staff

KYWG Organizational Chart

(Organizational Chart Coming Soon)

KYWG Memorandums of Understanding

Civil Air Patrol Publications



KYWG Professional Development Staff

Director of Professional Development - LtCol Michael Bryant

Director of Cadet Programs - Capt Nick Birt

Asst. Director of Cadet Programs - VACANT

Cadet Programs Activities Officer - Maj Christie Bowlus

Drug Demand Reduction Administrator - Maj Angela Felts

Aerospace Education - Capt Paul Ault

Aerospace Education -Internal -

Aerospace Education -External -

Testing Officer -

Professional Development Courses

Welcome New CAP Senior Member!

The Civil Air Patrol is a non-profit service oriented organization that is truly helping America. To help you get started we have provided this New Senior Member Welcome Booklet...simply click on this New Member Kit link.

Then, jump right in to your Level 1 Training below! If you have any questions, please contact your Professional Development Officer.

Google Apps for Business Overview Video

Google Training


KYWG Chaplain Staff

KYWG Squadron Chaplain Staff

  • KY-000 Reserve Squadron - Chaplain (Lt Col) Edward Young
  • KY-011 Squadron Chaplain - Chaplain (Maj) Kenneth Brown
  • KY-057 Squadron Chaplain - Chaplain (Lt Col) William Davenport
  • KY-222 Squadron Chaplain - Chaplain (Lt Col) Carlos Ortiz
  • KY-226 Squadron Chaplain - Chaplain (Maj) Larry Call
  • KY-300 Squadron Chaplain - Chaplain (Maj) Jack 'Ransom' Bennett

Chaplain Links

Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Corps Website


KYWG Inspector General Staff

Inspector General - Lt Col Evan Harrod

Assistant Inspector General - LtCol Thomas Schmitt

Assistant Inspector general - Major David Hodge

KYWG Inspection Schedule

KYWG SUI Inspection Schedule

Inspector General Links

Civil Air Patrol Inspector General Website


KYWG Financial Staff

Director of Finance - Lt Col Anthony Riegling

KYWG Finance Committee

Finance Committee Chairman - Col Darrel Williamson
Lt Col Tony Riegling
Lt Col Robert Sobotka
Lt Col Thomas 'Mike' Wendlegast
Capt Nick Birt

KYWG Finance Forms

KYWG Finance Supplements




Finance Guide

Download Individual Finance Guide Chapters
01 -Index and General Information
02 -Internal Controls
03 -Wing Procedures
04 -Subordinate Unit Procedures
05 -QuickBooks Overview
06 -Assets
07 -Income
08 -Liabilities and Accounts Payables
09 -Expenses
10 -Unit Accounting
11 -Intercompany Transactions
12 -Year-End Closing
13 -Unit Year-End Reports
14 -Internal Financial Review Instructions
15 -Checklists
16 -Glossary of Financial Terms

Financial Checklists


KYWG Legal Staff

Legal Officer - Maj Evan Jones

General Counsel Links

Civil Air Patrol General Counsel Website


Kentucky Wing Operations Staff

  • Director of Emergency Services -
  • Asst. Director of Emergency Services - SMSgt Cory Felts
  • Emergency Services Training Officer -
  • Counterdrug Mission Director -
  • Counterdrug Scheduling Officer -
  • Asst. Standards and Evaluations Officer - Captain Steve Davis
  • Asst. Aircraft Maintenance Officer - vacent
  • Liaison to KYNG - Lt Col Jim Nelson

Current Wing-Wide Training Missions

Weight and Balance Forms





- KYWG Google account required to access

Aircraft Maintenance Status

WMIRS Snapshot

Current Wing Operations Supplements and Forms

NHQ Shell Credit Card Information

Manufacturer's Documents



GX55 Simulator

GX60 User Guide

GX60 GPS Quick Reference Guide

GX55 60 SAR Quick Reference Guide

Garmin 400 Simulator

GPS400 Pilots Guide

GPS400 Quick Reference Guide

G-1000 Study Material

CAP radio/DF/misc avionics

TDFM 136 manual

Becker SARDF 517 Manual

SL70 Transponder Operating Manual N815CP

SL30 Nav Com user guide N815CP

PMA7000 audio panel operating manual N99566, N96626, N5419E

NAT AMS44T Audio Panel N815CP

Airtex ELT manual

Flight Release Information

Stan/Eval Information including Aircraft Questionnaire Masters

Homeland Security

Emergency Services

Aerial Photography

IC Tool Kit

Helpful Aircrew Forms

IN Wing Forms

KY Wing Counter Drug Operations

Click here for password-protected site.


KYWG Safety Staff

Director of Safety - LtCol Keith Noe

Assistant Director of Safety - LtCol Gregory Judge

KYWG Mishap Reporting Procedures


KYWG Logistics Staff

Director of Logistics - Major Eric Milles]

Transportation Officer - vacant

KYWG Vehicle Operation Publications

KYWG Communications Staff

Director of Communications - Major Mike McGill

Assistant Director of Communications - MSgt Ken Haydon
Assistant Director of Communications - Lt Col Mike Bryant

Communications Engineering Officer - vacant

Communications Licensing Officer - 1st Lt Nathan Rover


KYWG Personnel Staff

Director of Personnel - Capt Laurie McLaren

KYWG Personnel Publications


KYWG Public Affairs Staff

Public Affairs Officer - Capt Ilse House

Director of Recruiting and Retention - Capt Jordan Jent

KYWG Information Technology

Director of Information Technology - Capt Edward Cureton

Web Security Administrator - Maj Ransom Bennett